When Are Performance Car Parts A Bad Idea?

Stick another turbo in there…

When people really get into their cars they can get in it up to their neck. These people will spend hours and days and weeks tuning, polishing, fixing and upgrading their car until they are like Frankenstein’s monster, with elaborate exhaust systems, fancy body work and engines tuned to perfection.

Sadly though some people can take their obsession with car modification and tuning a bit far and end up applying their passion in an unsuitable manner. Here are some examples of when fitting performance car parts is a bad idea.

Car Already Perfect

How often have you seen a Ferrari or an Aston Martin rolling down the street with a luminous green paint job or special spinning wheel rims? Hardly ever right, but when you do see something like this you can be assured that the person driving is a super car tinkerer. Cars like this are already perfect and don’t need additional parts and modification to improve them.

Car Too Old

What some modifiers like to do is to take a simple car and tune it up to a high level. Now some cars will look really nice with a bit of modification but cars of a certain vintage will not only look a bit strange with a big fat exhaust sticking out the back, ruining their classic look, they will not be able to cope with the demands placed on a car by the addition on performance car parts. An old chassis may not be able to handle the acceleration and deceleration a turbo and some disc brakes would provide.

Boy Racer

Everyone knows a boy racer when they see one. They are either driving a millimetre from your bumper or trying to zoom past you on a narrow street. Typically their cars are modified in some way with a body kit or maybe some low profile tyres, but the fact is that they quite often don’t have the driving skill or experience to handle the power some performance car parts can provide.


Performance car parts are normally worth a lot of money and can make your car a target for thieves. Before you consider getting new parts, you should consider upgrading your security first. Keep your car in a locked garage if possible when you are not using it, or get yourself an alarm system that not only goes off when thieves try to gain access to your car, but one that tracks your car using GPS if it is driven away. If you don’t have security of any kind, getting performance car parts is not recommended.

4 Tips in Choosing the Right Company for Your Car Wrapping Needs

Vehicle wraps are graphic stickers printed on vinyl material which are designed to cover vehicles such as trains, buses, cars, vans and even helicopters. With creatively designed car wraps, you can transform any vehicle either into something that is worthy of being included in a car magazine or a mobile marketing machine. One of the leading forms of advertising today is mobile advertising. Since vehicles can go anywhere, your car will catch the attention of thousands of potential costumers in different places in an instant.

Before, vehicle graphics are done with paint. This method of vehicle art is a bit pricey and time-consuming. However, with the technological innovations in large format printing, it became possible to easily create a vehicle art without the expensive and exhausting paint jobs. A well designed vehicle wrap can also give the same effect as that of paint and sometimes even better. You just have to make sure that the wrap is properly installed. In order to do this, it is best that you seek the services of a reliable vehicle wrap company. Here are some tips to help you choose the right company for your car wrapping needs.

1. Have a clear vision in your mind. When looking for a car sticker company, you already must have a clear and concise vision of what you want to be done. This will allow you to easily explain your car wrapping requirements and expectations to the company providing the service. Once you have explained what you have in mind, the company should be able to give you a precise quote of the project. If you are not comfortable with the quote that they have given you, do not hesitate to go look for another service provider.

2. Make sure that the car wrapping company uses high-quality but cost-effective materials. You have to watch out for those companies who use discount level materials and still charge premium rates just to earn extra profits. You need to know whether they will laminate the perforated window vinyl or not. In addition, make an inquiry about what kind of lamination materials they use. Do they use liquid laminate or are they using higher quality film based laminate? The more you know about the whole car wrapping process, the easier it will be for you to ensure the quality of the product that you will be getting.

3. Look for authentic certifications and licenses. Since the car modification industry is swamped with aspiring business owners and amateurs, you need to be certain that you are seeking the services of a reputable company. This is why when choosing a service provider, it is necessary to check for certain certifications such as local business license or a professional license. By making sure that the company is a certified provider of customized vinyl car wraps, you can only expect professional and quality services.

4. Ask for work samples. Although, the project will be carried out with your own set of requirements and specifications, checking out previous work samples will give you a clearer understanding of how the company really works. Furthermore, you can also try to visualize your car into one of their previous car sticker designs. If you liked what you saw, then it is more likely that you will be satisfied with their services.

Finally, remember that your money should be worth it. Therefore, make sure that you are completely satisfied in every step of the way. If you have any doubts or problem about their work, you should immediately address them at the beginning of the process than while viewing the end product.

Hydraulic Cylinders For Car Safety and Comfortable Riding

The hydraulic cylinders are known for the great power delivered by them. The enormous power that can be obtained with the help of the hydraulic cylinders have made them integral parts of all kinds of heavy equipments and heavy vehicles such as the bulldozers, forklifts, excavators etc . Unlike the olden days when the hydraulic cylinder were only used in applications like heavy equipments and manufacturing industries, today, they have found their place in conventional domestic applications such as the regular automotive parts, door stoppers, elevators etc. In fact the implementation of the concept of hydraulic cylinder in domestic applications has added great convenience and safety to our lives. When it comes to hydraulic cylinder applications in domestic applications, the conventional car parts are the best examples.

Hydraulic Brakes For Extra Safety

The hydraulic brakes present in the conventional cars are excellent examples for the application of hydraulic cylinder for domestic purposes. The hydraulic brakes work on the principle of piston driven hydraulic cylinder. The main advantage of the hydraulic brakes is that they multiply the force applied to the brake pedal which results in very efficient braking. Though there are some critics which claim that the hydraulic brakes have the risk of oil leak, the modern technologies have found a solution to eliminate the problem. Instead of using one piston driven slave cylinder, today’s modern cars make use of two slave cylinders. As a result, even if one of the hydraulic cylinders that controls the brake fails, the other one will work. The ensures double safety in the modern cars.

The Hydraulic Suspension For Extra Comfort

Car modification is a hobby for many people. For some others it is just adding extra comfort. In both cases the hydraulic suspension is one of the great additions to look for. You will be well aware of the fact that only a few domestic vehicles such as the SUVs will be equipped with the hydraulic suspension from the factory. The main advantage of the hydraulic suspension is that it provides individual damping for all the four wheels and thereby offering great comfort even on the most rugged terrains. To the added advantage all the four hydraulic suspensions can be controlled individuality with the flick of a button. There is nothing to worry if your car is not pre equipped with hydraulic suspension. There are universal hydraulic suspension kits that can be attached to any car.

Apart from the above mentioned parts, there are many other car parts where the hydraulic cylinders are used. Without doubt the hydraulic cylinders have added great safety and comfort to our lives.

HHO Gas Car Modification – HHO Fuel Cells – Run Your Car on Water Power

Car’s based around HHO are technology of the future.

It is now possible to run your car on HHO gas/water. This is extremely environmentally friendly and can save you thousands of dollars on fuel costs whilst boosting your vehicles fuel efficiency.

This technology is not the standard in new cars yet, experts estimate that within 10 years time it will be.

With rising gas prices, we need to take action.

HHO technology can save you in excess of $1000-2000 a year in fuel costs. It is very inexpensive, some HHO gas systems cost as little as $150 to set up.

How much can I expect to increase my gas mileage by?

You can expect to increase your gas mileage by 30-80%, this depends on your vehicle. This is a dramatic increase, additionally, your cars engine life will increase by a lot and you can enjoy a smoother operation of your vehicle.

How easy is it to install on my vehicle?

A HHO system can be installed on your within a day or two, it is very easy and there are some fantastic guides out there that can help you along the way, with detailed pictures as well as videos.

How does a HHO car system work?

A HHO gas system works by you placing a quart size container under the hood of your car, the system is powered by electricity from the engine, and produces HHO gas which then powers your engine.

Water powered cars are definitely a good thing when it comes to taking a stand against increasing gas prices. Of course, this is not the only thing that needs to be done, they are far off being released to the public, but why wait? You can convert your vehicle to run on HHO gas today and start saving yourself lots of money on fuel. Thousands of people have done it.

You can convert your vehicle [http://www.run-a-car-on-water.com] to run on water today. This is your choice however, there are some benefits and some down-points.