Car Tuning: Tune Up to Enhance Car Performance

Like the incredible evolution of the savage chimpanzee to the sophisticated human civilization, transport modes have also taken a sudden leap from ancient bullock carts/ horse carts to the zooming motor-driven four wheelers. Ever since the first car ‘Velo’ by Karl Benz – looked merely like a four-wheeled self-propelled rickshaw – the automobile industry has gone through constant ups and downs. Today’s cars are faster, sleeker and smarter – not to miss the plethora of automated features. But amidst all the innovativeness of mankind, its complex mechanism, and its frequent use, cars are more prone to loose the zing and the machinery boost. Hence, it requires constant upgradation and detailed servicing. As for upgradation, the market is oozing with enhancement components – all you need to do is decide the one you want to try.

Car tuning performance chips are the recent buzz. Almost every car manufacturer have started installing performance tuning chips in their car, keeping in mind the need for speed and excellence among car enthusiasts. This chip installed within the electronic center at the control unit of the car has myriad functions. Starting from boosting the horse power and torque to assisting the engine to monitor other parts, performance chips have emerged as one of the most important components for car performance after the engine itself. However, for the car freaks – those particularly finicky about their car conditions – are advisable to keep in mind the advantages of performance upgradation under three categories; namely, Brakes, Suspension, and Engine.

Starting with the ‘brakes’ – one of the major bases for safety -, the function of your brakes to improve the overall performance of the car can’t be ignored. If it is control of your car, safety, emergency stops, controlling speed, then a car tuning performance upgradation of the brakes is a must. Then there’s the ‘suspension’ that determines the entire performance of the car. Taking advantage of the tyre’s contact patch, it gives a positive impact on the suspension geometry, dampening and the rebound of the car. Thus, improving the steering and limit of your car, which allows you to press the brakes harder and take sudden deep turns avoiding accidents. Not to miss, engine upgradation is something that can’t be done away with, if you wish to enhance power, torque and control performance of other parts as well.